Hi, my name is Chad and I want to start off by thanking you for taking time out of your day to visit my website. I greatly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy my images.

I live just outside the Las Vegas valley and am a full-time father, husband and worker, who has enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was given a disposable film camera, I was hooked on taking images. I then took my film adventure to point and shoots and eventually SLR cameras. In 2004 I jumped to the digital side and started off with a Sony DSC-V1, which housed a “whopping” 5-megapixel sensor! After toying around with a few other digital point and shoots, I moved to digital SLR’s and found a new and wonderful world of photography.

Fast forward to the present… I currently shoot most of my images with my Canon 5DIII and a few L-Series lenses. In July of 2017, I got back into shooting film and have obtained a few 35mm and medium format SLR and TLR film cameras to document my journeys with. I love going back to the film side of photography, but I don’t consider myself a “film photographer”, nor do I a “digital photographer”, I am just a person with a camera.

I am a lover of photography in general and will not limit myself to a single theme, medium, or format. I feel that getting out and documenting my journeys in the way that makes me happy, is the only way to keep me going out again and again. Whether the images I take are from my phone, DSLR or film camera; or the theme being landscape, macro, street or astro, I know I will be happy doing it. This is just me though, each person has their own interests and way of living life, just do what makes you happy and enjoy life. I never expect to be the best photographer out there, I only strive to better myself each day.

I again want to thank you for taking time to visit my website and view my images. I will continue to add photos as time permits and hope I am never done doing so. I have a feeling this site will always be “under construction” as I continue to find new images to offer from my travels.

I greatly appreciate everyone who has purchased an image from my site and would love to hear what you think about the finished product.

Get out and document life, it’s only around once…


All content is owned and  Copyrighted by CAPALMIRA PHOTOS/CHAD PALMIRA, and may not be duplicated, resold, or altered in any way.

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